Buyers need to fall in love with your home

Your home is more than just a structure of bricks, wood, glass and plaster. It is for the home buyer as well. Buying a home is an emotional experience. Home buyers are not just looking for the physical elements of a house, they are often looking for the place that they will call home. For this reason, how your home makes them feel is important. You want prospective buyers to walk in and immediately be able to imagine themselves living there.

You want every buyer to fall in love with their new home and to do this, you need to make your home stand out from the competition. Highlight its strengths and downplay the weaknesses. There are many ways that will make your home more appealling. Start by checking out the many ideas in selling tips. Subtle, inexpensive changes can turn your house into the love of every home buyers life.

Selling tips

Spruce up your home by giving it a bath!

If the exterior of your dwelling has more cobwebs than paint showing, is looking a dull shade of brown rather than the cool colour it should be, think about giving it a bath. You can hire a powered pressure washer if you want to DIY (do it yourself) or call a tradesman to do the job for you. You’ll be amazed by the difference and your house will have instant curb appeal – first impressions count!

Give the place a fresh coat

If the water treatment is just not going to cut it, consider freshening up the paint job. If you don’t want to paint the whole exterior, consider painting key areas such as the front door and window frames. Sometimes the combination of a bath and a paint touch up will do the trick.

Make those windows and mirrors sparkle

Wash windows with a mixture of ammonia and water then polish them until they sparkle. Same for any mirrors inside, particularly in the bathroom.

Clear away the clutter

It might feel like home to you but an overly cluttered house can be a real turn off for your prospective buyers. Lose the clutter even if you have to rent a storage space to hide it all in. Consider having a garage sale and clear the clutter for good!

One of the first rooms that many prospective buyers head for is the kitchen. They are looking for cleanliness and efficiency. A clean, bright, light kitchen that is uncluttered is essential.

Clear work surfaces

Unclutter, unclutter, unclutter. People want to feel like there is oodles of space to work in a kitchen. Even the smallest kitchen will look better if the benches are uncluttered.

Add flowers during inspection times

Put a couple of vases of fresh fragrant flowers in the living areas of your home and in bedrooms or bathrooms. Not only will the flowers look attractive, they will smell wonderful – very enticing for potential buyers.

Fix the little things that need doing

Before you put your property on the market, fix all those little things that have been on your ‘to do’ list for the past year. If you don’t have the time to do them yourself, get in a professional. Liza can help you find a handyman, removalist, electrician or other trades people or professionals. Check out Liza’s links page now.

Make small areas look more spacious

Make small living spaces look bigger using lighting (wall lamps work well) and mirrors. Another tip: keep the colour scheme to one or two colours (light colours work best to create a sense of spaciousness). Another strategy is to open windows to let in as much natural light as possible.

Keep the property looking great throughout the sales campaign

It’s important that your property looks great throughout the sales campaign and not just on Open For Inspection days. If you are time-poor, have a gardener regularly mow and trim. Before inspection days, organise a cleaner to really give the interior a lift.

Open curtains and blinds during open for inspections

Make sure blinds and curtains are open during open for inspections to allow light in through the windows – light, bright houses sell!