Five ideas for living sustainably

Living sustainably – five things you can do

Conserve water around the home

Install low flow, water efficient shower faucets and taps in your home. Take less time when showering and fewer baths which use a lot of water. Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth. Half fill the basin when shaving rather than letting the water run continuously. Fill your washing machine before doing a load of washing. Half fill your sink with water to wash vegetables and fruit rather than leave the tap running. Turn off taps gently but firmly so they do not drip. Park the car on the lawn so that the water is absorbed into the ground rather than running off into a drain. Use a rake or broom to clean the driveway rather than hosing it down. Choose water-wise plants and water your garden in the cool of the morning or early evening when the water will absorb more.

Reduce your power useage

Install a solar-boosted hotwater unit which can save you up to 90 percent of your hot water costs on days when the sun is shining. Switch off your electric hot water unit if you’re going away for a week or more. Insulate your pipes from your hotwater service to conserve heat in the pipes. Insulate ceiling, walls, and floors – the Federal Government is giving good rebates for this. Dry clothes on an outside clothes line rather than using the dryer. Switch to power-saving lights – replace expensive to run halogen lights. Turn lights off when leaving a room. Turn power off for appliances that will not be used for several hours or more (at the power point is best). Once your computer is has 100% capacity, disconnect from the power supply and turn off your computer when not in use. Buy appliances with an energy rating that shows they are energy efficient.

Reduce waste and recycle

Take your own cloth shopping bags so that you don’t use as much plastic. Buy things that you can reuse and avoid disposables as much as possible. Use the council recycling bins properly. One wrongly placed throw-away ruins the whole process. Reuse paper from your printer as scrap paper for notes or for children to draw on. Recycle your old clothes through charity recycling bins. Start a compost bin and recycle all your food scraps (not meat) and garden waste.

Drive less

Not only will you be saving fuel costs, you’ll be healthier, fitter and maybe lose those few extra kilos that you have been carrying around.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Vinegar and bi-carb soda are two of the best cleaning products to use and they are environmentally friendly. You can clean bench tops, baths, toilets – in fact, anything using eco-friendly products. Or find the ready-to-use environmentally friendly products in your supermarket.

Living more sustainably is easy to do with these five easy steps

Living sustainably is easy to do with these five steps